Labour Award of Distinction – Local CUPE 82

STAG’s Executive Director, John Elliott helps United Way celebrate Local CUPE 82’s contributions in this video.  Check it out….

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STAG thanks the Charity Chix

The youth of the Sandwich Teen Action Group will be enjoying a new gym floor thanks to the Charity Chix.  We are happy to announce that the Charity Chix raised $54 000 at a recent event which will go toward a modern gym floor to be proud of.   The legacy left by this fantastic group will last decades and we can’t wait for the Chix to try out the new court when it’s done!

DSC_0047 (1)

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2014 Robotics Team – Project Freelance

This year STAG partnered with WeTech Alliance, New Beginnings, local schools and many other groups to form a First Robotics team.  We were tasked with building a robot from scratch that would compete in a basketball like game called, “Aerial Assault”.   In order to form the team and register for the Great Lakes Regional Competition in Windsor we had to do a lot of fundraising.  We created this promo package to help us…pf sponsor 1 001 Our team members dubbed our team “Project Freelance” which is fitting because any high school aged youth living or going to school in the west end is free to join our team.

Here’s a picture of our robot which was ranked 30th out of 40 during preliminary matches at the Great Lakes Regional Competition, a great accomplishment for a rookie team.

2014 - PF robot pic

As you can see by the bumpers our team number is 5221.  We learned a great deal during our rookie season and our looking forward to continuing on and helping Windsor become a Robotics hub in N.A.


What we Learned

Our team learned a lot during the 2014 season.  We learned some hard skills like; how to tie knots, how to make a bumper, how to use hand and power tools, how to use a PWM controller as well as some soft skills like; adaptivity, creativity and problem solving.

 Advice – What we would do different

  • Set goals for time frames so we have more driver practice time.
  • Always pre-test stuff several times
  • Don’t forget about events and holidays when planning your schedule because they will conflict.
  • Recruit more and younger participants who are interested in a career in robotics.
  • Need to be more prepared, learn more programming, new systems (C++)
  • Make 2 robots so we can practice on one while the other is bagged up.
  • Give responsibility to the students.  Ensure the mentors aren’t doing all the work.



Mentor – “the kids have incredible skills at their age and can do some things that I have never learned – especially in the technological area.”

Student – “We learned how to work as a team as opposed to separately”.

Student – “learned that you don’t have to be a boy to do mechanical things; that girls are equally smart in that area.”



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Fashion/Talent Show

Title: Fashion/Talent Show
Location: S.T.A.G. 3735 King Street
Description: A group of students at the Odette School of Business will be hosting a fashion/talent show at the Sandwich Teen Action Group gymnasium on Thursday, November 14th, 2013, in order to help raise money for STAG. They will also be collecting clothing donations for Keeping Kids Warm. Tickets will be $10 each, or $8 if you bring in two or more articles of clothing. For more information, visit the event page: Hope to see you there!
Start Time: 19:00:00
Date: 2013-11-14

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Dinner Night

Title: Dinner Night
Description: BANA is returning to offer a free dinner program on Tuesday’s starting October 1st at STAG. Participants will help cook a healthy meal and learn some great cooking techniques along the way. The even better news is you get to eat what you cook!
Start Time: 16:00
Date: 2013-10-01
End Time: 18:00

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STAG collaborates with GLIER

Photos of the team effort to create a Native Plant Demonstration Garden at the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research – University of Windsor. STAG youth volunteered to help prep the soil for planting to come in the fall. More photos in the special events album under “Photos”

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Christmas dinner at STAG attracts nearly 100

Nearly 100 people enjoyed a Christmas dinner at STAG on December 19th, 2011. Thanks to all who donated their time and energy into cooking and organizing this great meal and celebration. More pictures in the “Events” gallery.

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