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  1. tammy Elliott says:

    Stag has been a safe haven for our youth for many years. It has been a pleasure working with our youth. The west end is a great place for our kids and the sandwich Teen Action group is a place to come and get involved and hang out as an alternative to the streets.

  2. Faraz Khan says:

    What’s up pics?

    STAG has played a very important role in my life. This were I hung out after shool and made many friends from diffrent countries. Kept me out of trouble and pics keeps everyone in line any ways.

    I am glad to see stag continue to grow and support kids in the community.

    Pics put up some older picture as well.

  3. Sandy Radvanyi says:

    The Fools for Health clown-doctor program is grateful to STAG for allowing us to move into your building and for the in-kind use of office and storage space. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with STAG and the teens who call this a second home or a place to hang out. Please stop in and visit the Clown-Doctor office any time!!

  4. Mohamed Hassan says:

    Shout out to the Elliott family and a big thank you for your endless support guys. To me STAG was not just a community center but in really was the centre of my community. Windsor West would not be the same without it. I spent my teen years there and it helped me stay out of trouble. You can’t really tell from the picture gallery but the place is very multicultural. All are welcome and you are adopted into the family from day one. I wish I was there now helping with the garden.

  5. Abbas says:

    I had incredible amounts of energy and I would use most of it to get myself into trouble. What changed my life most, was boxing at the STAG. Instead of fighting on the street I took it to the ring. I fell in love with boxing and the STAG became my second home. If it weren’t for the STAG and my boxing coach, the only place I would have ended up is jail.

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